Our History:

In 1999, the needs for a dependable expedite trucking company for northeast Ohio became very evident to transportation executives Mark Cleland and Joel Palmer. With their extensive background in trucking, both regionally and internationally, Mark and Joel saw the increasing expediting need for same day service for both inbound and outbound delivery.

Following an in depth three month observation of local and national trucking companies, two major shortcomings surfaced. They discovered that the various trucking companies shared the same problems which resulted in slow response times. Local carriers did not have the equipment from the previous days’ deliveries returned in time for the next day service, and the national carriers’ equipment was scattered throughout the United States and Canada, therefore if a customer in northeast Ohio needs something moved and the closest piece of equipment from a national carrier is a state away, then they cannot respond timely. Because of these reasons, Regional devised solutions for these situations. Regional is part of a coalition of carriers throughout all of Northern America and Canada. This Coalition consists of over 150 carriers and over 15,000 pieces of equipment. Whether locally or on the west coast, Regional can provide the most consistent, reliable, on-time service for shippers of time critical shipments.

In a short time, many of the companies became aware of Regional’s great service. They wanted more. A National company in Massillon, Ohio requested Regional to provide a daily truck to transport freight to and from vendors in northeast Ohio. Regional was not only able to perform this task but they did it with one truck and driver as opposed to the previous company which had to have two trucks and two drivers therefore cutting the freight cost by more than half for this daily activity. This additional service opened a whole new avenue which opened more doors for regional. Soon after, other companies in Massillon, Minerva, Dover and New Philadelphia began requesting the same service.

As the need for a district sales manager emerged in 2006, Bob Greavu joined Regional to meet this challenge. With over 48 years of experience, Bob brings an unprecedented knowledge of the trucking industry. Bob’s knowledge and network of contacts has been the key to Regional’s continued success in gaining market share in Northeast Ohio. Shortly after Bob joined the company, customers became so satisfied with the service provided they began to request help with their Truckload freight. Being a small company verses the National brokers with their corporate overhead, Regional is able to offer aggressive pricing with backhaul rates when available. With increasing success of meeting customer needs for truckload shipments, Regional satisfied the need for a dedicated customer service coordinator with the hiring of Dawn Antonacci.

When shippers have the need for the most time sensitive shipments, they can rely on our Air Charter service. Regional is always working with their customers to find the most time certain delivery possible. Our customers have such a strong working partnership with Regional that they requested we have the capability to provide door to door Air Charter service. Regional’s Air Charter service has become an incredible cost savings for companies in Northeast Ohio and throughout the United States. This service has been such an over whelming success that a world leader in the automotive industry has become aware of our service and has been extremely satisfied with the incredible cost savings and service that Regional has provided them.

Our primary goal is to provide consistent, reliable, on-time service at the lowest price possible for ALL customers no matter how big or how small they might be.

Management Team:

Mark Cleland

Mark Cleland has over Twenty-Seven years diversified experience in transportation management. Particularly adept at meeting deadlines and supervising others. Has excellent sales skills and can communicate with and relate to customer’s needs. Always surpassed corporate goals thanks to a strong work ethic. Mark’s reason for going into business: the need for a reliable on-time expedite company in the Akron-Canton, Ohio area that finds the needs of the customer and always meets those needs.

Joel Palmer

Joel Palmer has personnel experience and an extensive background in transportation. For over Twenty-Nine years has work in transportation from loading and securing the loads to driving every size of equipment on the road, to manager of the traffic department of a large national corporation. Joel’s reason for going into business: As a transportation manager of a large corporation became aware of the steady increase in the need for expedited freight service both inbound and outbound.

Dawn Antonacci-Fulk 

Dawn Antonacci-Fulk is a dedicated customer service coordinator with over Twenty years of experience in customer service.
Advance knowledge in various software and computer programs. Excellent communicator with strong time-management and customer needs assessment skills. Exercise independent judgments, decision-making, and problem solving abilities. Consistently achieves record-high customer satisfaction ranking, instills a shared, enthusiastic commitment to customer service.  Firmly believes we need our customers and they are the reason for our business.

District Sales Manager:

Bob Greavu

Bob has been in various managerial and sales positions in the trucking industry for the last Forty-Eight years. During his career he has always met or exceeded the various goals that had been established. He has always been able to draw on his knowledge and understanding of customers needs in order to produce win-win results. Now in semi retirement he continues to enjoy the industry and the many challenges it presents.